SUSE Labs Taipei technology sharing day

openSUSE Taiwan 很高興協助 SUSE Labs Taipei 一同舉辦 technical sharing day,

SUSE Labs Taipei 將會在 2016年 3月 4日 (星期五)舉辦,



Rough schedule of SUSE Labs Taipei technical sharing day.

March 4 (Friday):
10:00-10:45     NVDIMM block drivers with NFIT          [Joey Lee]
11:00-11:45     eBPF: Trace from kernel to userspace    [Gary Lin]
13:00-13:45     Use bonding driver with ethernet        [Al Cho]
14:00-14:45     Hands-on ethernet driver                [David Chang]
15:00-15:45     Use OBS api call in your program        [Max Lin]

Novell Taiwan / 台灣網威辦公室訓練教室 / 臺北市敦化南路二段 216 號 26 樓 B 室

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